Vehicle Care

Ceramic Pro offers a full line of innovative, industry leading coatings for your car’s interior and exterior.

Car Paint Protection
Ceramic Pro Paint Protection is a nano-ceramic high gloss coating that can only be applied by certified applicators like Ceramic Pro Midlothian. Ceramic Pro Paint Protection provides your car exterior with superior hydrophobic abilities that make it resistant to all manner of spilled, splashed and sprayed liquids.
Your car will also exhibit exceptional resistance to UV light damage and bleaching from acid rain. Bird and bat droppings will have no adverse effect, nor will bug splatters and tree sap.

Ceramic Pro Leather Coat
This breakthrough leather coating is perfect for all grades of interior leather. Your leather features will stay cleaner longer and be effectively sealed against damage from grit and grime. Spills will find no way to penetrate and will be easily wiped away without causing damage.
The Ceramic Pro Leather Coating also contains UV inhibitors which will help preserve the look and feel of your interior leathers far longer than any other protectant on the market.

Ceramic Pro Textile Coating
A proper coating for interior textiles has been overdue for some time. Thankfully that need has finally been filled with Ceramic Pro Textile Coating from Nano Shine. Ceramic Pro Textile Coating forms a barrier that allows the fabric to remain completely dry while repelling all manner of liquid. No other textile protectant can claim the same level of repellent ability as Ceramic Pro Textile Coating.

Ceramic Pro Plastic Coating
Suitable for interior or exterior use Ceramic Pro’s Plastic Coating keeps plastic and rubber surfaces looking great and easy to clean. The Plastic Coating is long wearing and produces a mild sheen that won’t fade after just a few days like other products. It’s also water resistant and contains an effective UV repellent to keep rubber and plastic from bleaching in the sun.


Ceramic Pro Midlothian offer a full range of detailing packages that feature the application of breakthrough exterior and interior nano-ceramic car care products from Ceramic Pro. Each one of our packages is designed to restore your car to showroom condition or better through a series of patient and precise processes executed by our automotive cosmetic technicians.
Take your time and review our different packages before selecting the right one for your car. If you need help determining which package might be most appropriate don’t hesitate to call us on 07393 833 791 and speak to one of our friendly and talented detailers.